In a highly orchestrated sequence of consultation, digital planning and placement, Annapolis dentists Dr. Albert Lee,  Dr. Edward Vesely and Dr. Thomas Bonfiglio offer patients with missing teeth or complex dental problems a new, comfortable smile. Beautiful new teeth are placed in one day, restoring your natural smile and your quality of life.

Using digital impressions, 3-D modeling and working closely with local specialists, your dentist will coordinate a treatment plan tailored to your unique oral health needs and cosmetic goals that culminates in a single day of treatment at our Annapolis dentist office.

Same Day Dentistry: What To Expect

Consultation and Treatment Planning: Your dentist will meet with you to perform a comprehensive evaluation of your occlusal system: teeth, gums and jaw joints. He will look for signs of instability or imbalance that should be addressed in your overall treatment for lasting results. Dr. Lee, Dr. Vesely or Dr. Bonfiglio will discuss your personal concerns and goals and take diagnostic digital photos of your smile to be used in treatment planning.

At this time, treatment options will be recommended and your new smile will begin to take shape through careful planning and custom fabricated dental restorations created in our on-site dental lab to your specifications.

Preparation: Depending on your specific needs, your dentist will coordinate additional necessary dental procedures, such as tooth extraction or gum surgery, with a local specialist.

Same Day Smile Restoration: Once the preparation is complete and your dental restorations are ready, Dr. Lee, Dr. Vesely or Dr. Bonfiglio will place, fit and secure your new smile in his Annapolis dentist office during a single visit.

After a few short visits, your new teeth and comfortable smile are delivered in one day– instantly restoring your dental health, confidence and daily quality of life. Patients can eat and speak normally, with no dietary restrictions and a permanent, secure smile that does not require daily maintenance.

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Same Day Results

Allen P.

Embarrassed by the appearance and frustrated with the lack of function, this patient's smile was restored with upper and lower cosmetic dentures. The lower denture is secured by dental implants.

Bill G.

A previous smoker with loose teeth that made eating, speaking and singing in the choir difficult, we provided a beautiful, functional smile with upper and lower cosmetic dentures. The lower denture is secured with dental implants for stability and maintenance free function.

Theresa G.

This patient's upper teeth were restored with same day dentures secured with strategic dental implants.

Sue S.

A new implant secured upper denture replaced a poor fitting denture that was 20 years old. Single dental implants replaced 4 lost teeth in the lower jaw for a restored bite that is comfortable and stable.

Ruth Hansen

This active senior patient desired to replace a failing upper dental bridge for a healthier, more functional smile. The decision was made to remove remaining upper teeth and replace in one day with immediate teeth. Secured by 6 dental implants, her new smile is secure and the palate is not covered, as with traditional dentures, for a improved comfort.

Monroe S.

A removable denture is now secured with 5 dental implants for a secure smile that enables this patient to enjoy a better quality of life.

Mary A.

Failing teeth were creating an uncomfortable and unstable smile. Unstable teeth were removed and dental implants (5 on the lower and 7 on the upper) now provide a strong foundation for a functional and lasting smile.


A martial arts fighter, this patient had become extremely frustrated with and embarrassed by his smile. Using digital scanning technology due to an extreme gag reflex, we were able to place 5 implants in the upper and lower jaw to secure new, cosmetic dentures for a beautiful smile during one visit.

Ken C.

This active and health conscious patient was suffering with a poor fitting lower partial denture. A new, implant secured lower denture has provided a permanent solution and a comfortable new smile.

Ian M.

This patient had lost both function and aesthetics due to extreme wear and a bad bite. Referred to us by a local oral surgeon, we restored a new, functional smile (and self confidence) with upper and lower implant secured dentures- all in a day.

Graham G.

This local business man received an implant secured lower denture for a secure, functional bite. His upper teeth were cosmetically restored for a more aesthetically pleasing, youthful appearance.

Eliz R.

Bone loss had led to loose upper teeth for this active senior patient. Dental implants support a cosmetic dentures that were placed in a single visit.

Estyle L.

This patient was referred from the Baltimore area and was suffering from periodontal disease that had compromised her dental health. Cosmetic tooth bonding on the upper teeth and implant secured dentures on the lower provide a beautiful, functional smile.

Mary B.

Strategically placed dental implants enabled this patient to receive new, secure upper dentures that were more comfortable and natural looking- all within the same day.

Deborah F.

Referred to our Annapolis dental practice, this patient was slowly losing lower teeth to periodontal disease. Same day teeth are anchored by 5 dental implants for a functional new smile.

Bruce B.

Periodontal disease was compromising this patient's bridgework and reducing the functionality of his smile. Due to a lack of bone support, a bone graft was needed before placing new dental implants to support the upper teeth.


This local restaurant owner suffered from periodontal disease. At the age 45 he had a genetic predisposition for bone loss. We removed his teeth and placed 6 implants in the upper jaw and 5 implants in his lower jaw. He never went with removable teeth/dentures,. His immediate teeth was then converted to his permanent fixed/non removable teeth

Francis D.

She was very conscious of her smile. Always had dark crooked teeth. She also suffered from periodontal disease. We were able to do ceramic crowns and bridges for her upper teeth. Then same day teeth on the lower jaw. Her same day teeth are supported by 5 implants..

Evelyn B.

This 86 year old patient couldn't chew properly due to fractured front teeth. She always was conscious of her smile. We did same day teeth on her upper jaw. Removed the fractured teeth , placed four implants and put her immediate teeth the same day. Three months later we made her final beautiful teeth.

Beth M.

This patient traveled out of state to have her treatment. Tricky to minimize her travel but at the same time provide her same day teeth. We did all ceramic crowns and veneers on her upper jaw, and same day teeth for her lower jaw. Her lower teeth are supported by 6 implants.

Vickie W.

This patient suffer from gum disease all of her adulthood. Wore upper and lower partial dentures. She is phasing her dental work in. Phase one was to do upper jaw same day teeth. Her upper prosthesis ( hybrid) is supported by six solid implants. Now she can smile with confidence!

Gerald L.

This gentleman unfortunately fractured off his upper right central incisor. He needed to have it removed. We were able to work with Dr. Sullivan the oral surgeon to have it removed. We immediately placed the implant and temporary tooth. He wore the temporary for 3 months before making his permanent front tooth.

Charlene B.

Charlene had a large bridge that needed replacement. We performed the Same Day teeth procedure.


This  78 year old female always wanted teeth that didn’t come out. She wore a partial for over 30 years.  We were able to make same day teeth, so she can leave her teeth in. Her teeth were fixed with 6 implants!

Instant Makeover

This 40 year old patient had a history of gum disease.  He also suffered from a bad bite.  We removed his upper and lower teeth and placed same day teeth for a healthy looking smile.

Makeover at 93

93 year young female wanted to have some teeth to replace her upper right bicuspids.  We were able to fabricate same day teeth so she can smile again. 

Makeover at 93 (side)

93 years young female wanted to have some teeth to replace her upper right bicuspids.  We were  able to fabricate sane day teeth so she can smile again. 

Patient 18

Losing front tooth, an immediate tooth with implant and crown.


Teeth in a day improved the aesthetic of Dee's smile.