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Same Day Dental Restoration

Did you know it is possible to fabricate dental restorations for missing teeth in just one day? Cosmetic and restorative dentists Dr.Lee, Dr. Vesely and Dr. Bonfiglio offer patients revolutionary dental technology that can provide you with new tooth replacement in just a few visits to our Annapolis dentist office.

Through the use of digital 3-D modeling and digital impressions, Our dentists are able to create highly accurate and comfortable dental restorations. Cosmetic and restorative dentistry has come a long way in recent years. Thanks to modern dental technology, diagnosis, treatment, and fitting restorations are more effective, comfortable and natural looking than ever. For long lasting dental restorations, visit our Annapolis Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry office.

Our goal is to provide patients with a healthy oral foundation for a beautiful and comfortable smile. Your first visit with Dr. Lee will be a consultation and planning session. One of our dentists will conduct a comprehensive oral exam and develop a better sense of your overall oral health. Together you will determine what cosmetic and restorative dentistry is most appropriate to return your smile to optimal oral health and meet your cosmetic goals. Frequently, patients needing a tooth replacement need additional dental treatments. If this is the case, these procedures will be done before getting fitted for a dental crown, bridge, or implant.

Once the foundation of your smile is restored to optimal health, your restoration can be fabricated and fit in just one visit. Same Day Smile Restoration allows Dr. Lee, Bonfiglio or Vesely to place fit and secure your new beautiful smile without the need for multiple visits. We aim to provide dental health care that is convenient and affordable to our patients but is also long lasting, comfortable, and effective.

Dr. Lee offers a wide range of dental restorations to replace your damaged or missing teeth. Missing and damaged teeth can be a dental health concern and a cosmetic concern. Missing teeth can deteriorate your bone structure and lead to infection of the gum or root socket. Missing teeth can also cause a loss in confidence or affect your personal and professional life.

Prompt treatment often means more options and a faster resolution. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Lee, Bonfiglio or Vesely in our Annapolis dentist office to find out what your treatment options are and get back your smile that you feel good about.

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