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Annapolis Dentist Office Technology

The Annapolis dental practice of Drs. Lee, Bonfiglio, Vesely, and associates are committed to the best possible experience for our patients, from diagnostics to treatment planning and results. We use a wide range of advanced dental technology to enhance all aspects of your care and to provide more accurate and predictable outcomes for your dental health needs and goals.

From digital dental impressions and x-rays to 3-D scanning, we can evaluate your oral health and offer treatment that is less invasive and with fewer side effects in the comfort of our office.

Laser Dentistry

NV dental laser in Annapolis, MD

Dental lasers offer a range of benefits for the overall patient experience. They minimize discomfort and side effects, provide greater accuracy and stimulate the natural healing process. Our office uses laser dentistry to treat soft tissue such as the gums. Periodontal therapy can be completed in our office, often without the need for oral surgery. Using a dental laser our dentists can address diseased or damaged tissue to restore gum health, change the appearance of the gum line or to treat a tongue tie or lip tie.

Digital Scanning

i-tero digital scanner in Annapolis, Maryland

Using a digital panorex machine we can obtain high resolution images of your teeth and oral structure with minimal radiation exposure. This technology is used to both monitor and diagnose dental health concerns with greater accuracy.

We also use all digital x-rays for minimized exposure to radiation and ease of use. Digital images are immediately available for assessing your oral health or diagnosing a dental problem.

Digital Impressions

Digital dental impressions make your dental visit far more pleasant, eliminating the need for those goopy, messy and awkward impression trays. We are one of few local dentists using two types of digital scanners for all impressions and intra-oral scanning in our office.

We use the i-Tero® scanner for Invisalign and when impressions are needed for other dental restorations.

For other diagnostic and treatment planning needs we use the Trios® digital scanner. Both are convenient chair-side and handheld devices that provide easy, comfortable scans of your teeth and gums.