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Broken Dentures Annapolis, MD

Dr. Albert Lee, Dr. Thomas Bonfiglio, and Dr. Edward Vesely offer on-site denture repair in Annapolis, MD. They can repair broken dentures through the Annapolis Denture Service, our state-of-the-art dental lab. An experienced dentist can fix a broken denture better than a store-bought denture repair kit. Why risk your oral health with standard-size store-bought kits? We often complete denture repair in Annapolis, MD, within hours of you dropping them off.

Denture Repair in Annapolis MD

Broken Denture Repair in Annapolis, MD

Annapolis Denture Service can provide same-day service for many denture repairs. They can also fabricate new high-quality restorations on-site. That’s right; our on-site denture repair center allows us to supply you with quick and convenient services without the need to send them to a specialist. This saves you time and money from sending broken dentures to a specialist.

If you have dentures, you have probably experienced the frustration of a damaged or broken appliance that can harm your daily quality of life. Dental crowns and bridges can be custom-designed and fabricated to your Annapolis dentist’s specifications. We can personally oversee the process and ensure lasting results.

High-Quality, Custom Dentures

Our dentists offer cosmetic dentures and partial dentures in Annapolis. We also provide dental implant-secured dentures. As one of the leading dental practices for dentures in Annapolis, we have modern training and experience in dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. This includes dental appliances such as dentures and partials.

Dr. Lee, Dr. Bonfiglio, and Dr. Vesely are all members of the International Congress of Implantology (ICOI). They have logged thousands of hours of continuing education between them. With their expertise in implant dentistry, they can provide accurate and comfortable results for all patients.

When replacing missing teeth, you want to understand your options and which are suited to your personal needs and goals. The right denture can have lasting results that provide a comfortable and fully functional smile. Maintaining your smile plays a role in your daily quality of life. Missing teeth can dramatically affect eating, speaking, and self-confidence.

Don’t wait to repair a denture. You can damage any remaining natural teeth, gums, and other soft tissues in your mouth. A broken denture can also make it difficult to eat and speak comfortably.

Why Choose Our Annapolis Dental Laboratory?

Our state-of-the-art dental laboratory allows us to fabricate dental components on-site. We use the finest quality materials and standards. Our office is known for our advanced dental lab, which can ensure you get a long-lasting precision fit. Our dentists personally oversee the fabrication of your porcelain crowns.

Crowns, bridges, and laminates are all custom-made right here for a perfect match and fit to your unique requirements. Having an in-house dental lab saves everyone time and resources. Our lab helps reduce the time it takes to receive your new dental restoration or prosthesis.

We’re A Modern Dental Lab

The dental technicians working with us have been chosen for their dedication and passion for this demanding field. Our laboratory staff constantly takes continuing education courses to learn about the latest techniques and materials in dentistry. We want to serve our patients with the most up-to-date procedures. Innovations in restorative dental care can make tooth replacements as similar to natural teeth as possible.

Denture Repair FAQs

Below, we will answer your questions about denture repair in our Annapolis dental lab:

When should you get denture repair services?

You should get denture repair services if your dentures are cracked, broken, or loose. It’s a good idea to get your dentures relined every two years. Relining adds to the plate that touches the gums and ensures your denture feels comfortable.

Can you fix dentures that are broken in half?

Yes, we can repair dentures that break in half. If your dentures break, call our office immediately to schedule a visit. During your appointment, we can assess your dentures and attempt to repair them to look brand new.

Can I fix broken dentures myself?

It’s not a good idea to try and fix your dentures yourself. Store-bought denture repair kits can contain harmful chemicals in their glues. These kits are also not as effective as a dental lab. While they offer a quick fix, these kits may not provide long-lasting repairs.

If you do not fix your dentures properly, you can experience mouth sores, gum irritation, and gum damage. Call a professional dental lab to repair your denture. The lab will also ensure you have false teeth as they fix your dentures.

What happens if you break your dentures?

If you break your denture, you should first call our office. Schedule an appointment as soon as possible. We can assess your dentures, make repairs, or take molds for a new set. You won’t be without temporary teeth while waiting for your new, custom dentures.

How long does it take to make a replacement denture?

Creating a replacement denture may take anywhere from six to twelve weeks. This time can vary depending on the patient and the type of denture. We can provide an estimate after we examine your denture.

How do you prevent your dentures from breaking?

If you have a removable denture, keep it in a cup of water or a mild denture solution at night. Your dentures can dry out and crack if left out for too long. Keeping your dentures moist will prevent cracking. When eating, you can cut tough foods into smaller pieces. Avoid biting into hard or crunchy foods that can chip or break your denture.

Additionally, keep your dentures in a clean cloth in a case when handling them. You can break your dentures if you drop them. When cleaning your dentures, use lukewarm water. Hot water can also damage your dentures.

Repair Your Dentures Today

Contact us to learn about our on-site denture repair. If you need a broken denture fixed, call our office at (410) 989-8298. You may also schedule an appointment online. We’re here for all your denture repair needs in Annapolis, MD. Let us know if you have any questions about denture repair; we want to help you.



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