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Teeth Bonding Annapolis, MD

Dental Bonding An Overview

Beautiful, natural looking teeth are easily attainable with cosmetic tooth bonding. In a single visit, our cosmetic dentists can improve the shape, color and symmetry of your teeth. And tooth bonding is very affordable compared to alternative treatments like porcelain veneers.

What is Tooth Bonding

For this procedure, a bio-compatible, tooth colored resin is bonded to the tooth for a virtually indistinguishable restoration. Tooth bonding can be used as a dental veneer or a tooth filling to improve cosmetic and functional dental concerns.

Dental bonding can be utilized in many ways. The procedure can improve the appearance of a defect found on the surface of a tooth, or replace tooth structure that has chipped or broken off. Dentists can also repair damage caused by tooth decay by bonding with resin. This technique can also be used to resurface the entire front side of a tooth to improve its cosmetic appearance.

After a tooth’s surface has been properly prepared, cleaned and lightly abraded, a white colored resin material is sculpted onto the tooth and cured with a special UV light.

Dental Bonding What to Expect

Dental bonding is not a permanent solution, however, it will last for 5 to 10 years with proper care and maintenance. Resin is not as stain resistant as porcelain, so it is important to avoid tobacco, dark foods and beverages to maintain the whiteness of the restoration. Tooth bonding can be reapplied or touched up as needed during regular visits to our dental office.

Is Tooth Bonding the Best for You?

Our dentists will consult with you to ensure that you choose the cosmetic dental treatment that works best for you. When compared with other cosmetic dentistry procedures, dental bonding can be relatively inexpensive, and is usually a “completed in one visit” type of dental procedure.

One disadvantage of dental bonding is that it has a tendency to stain over time and in general isn’t as lasting or durable as other cosmetic dentistry options.

However, and one more point in the plus column, if dental bonding does chip or break it can usually be easily patched or repaired.

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