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Oral Cancer Awareness Month

April is National Oral Cancer Awareness Month as hosted by the American Dental Association. Oral cancer often goes undiagnosed until the later stages of the disease and for this reason can often be fatal. With early diagnosis and treatment intervention, oral cancer can be treatable. Lee, Bonfiglio, Vesely & Associates encourage patients to get professionally screened at least twice a year during your regular visits to our Annapolis dentist office.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer screenings are painless and quick. Visiting the dentist twice a year helps allow for early diagnosis. Oral cancer caught in the earliest stages can be treated. Early diagnosis saves lives. Self exams, while helpful, are not always effective. It can be difficult to spot cancer as it can form in difficult to see areas. Having your Annapolis dentist screen for cancer is the best way to ensure early diagnosis.

It is good to stay alert of any changes in your teeth, gums and other oral tissues. If you notice changes that last more than two weeks, be sure to contact Lee, Bonfiglio, Vesely & Associates as soon as possible.

  • White or red patches
  • Thickening of soft tissue
  • Open sores
  • Hoarseness
  • Feeling of something caught in throat
  • Change in fit of bite or dental appliance

While anyone could develop oral cancer and everyone should be screened for it, there are some factors that increase your chances. If one or more these risk factors applies to you it is essential to get screened for oral cancer.

  • Smoking, chewing or vaping tobacco
  • Men
  • Aged over 45
  • Exposed to or diagnosed with HPV
  • Family history of oral cancer

Schedule A Consultation

To receive a thorough oral cancer screening contact our Annapolis, MD dentist office or schedule a consultation online. Our team of dentists can help restore beauty, function and health to your smile.

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