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How To Manage Dental Anxiety

We understand that anxiety and fear are normal to some extent, but when it begins to hinder you from things you need to do is when it becomes a problem. Lee, Bonfiglio, Vesely & Associates of Annapolis aim to help patients who suffer from dental fear and anxiety by listening to their needs and working with them to give them the dental treatment they need.

Our Annapolis dental office provides patient-focused, comprehensive dental care to each one of our patients and we work with them to provide the treatment they need. We know patients with dental fear and anxiety need more from our experienced dentist, so we make sure to cater to their dental needs. We consider our office a friendly, caring, and professional dental establishment in Annapolis, MD. We encourage patients with dental fear and anxiety to visit Lee, Bonfiglio, Vesely & Associates of Annapolis for their oral health needs. You can schedule an appointment online or call 410.989.8298

Tips To Help Manage Your Dental Anxiety and Dental Fear

At Lee, Bonfiglio, Vesely & Associates of Annapolis, we care about your oral health and will work with you give you the dental care you need. For your convenience, we have listed a few ways to help manage your dental anxiety and dental fear.

  1. Find a dentist you can trust. Finding a dentist you can trust and express your concerns to is a great way to help you feel more comfortable at a dental office. Lee, Bonfiglio, Vesely & Associates of Annapolis are experienced dentists who care about their patients and their oral health. We encourage all of our patients to visit our Annapolis dentist office at least twice a year for routine preventive care visits so that we can thoroughly check your teeth and gums.
  2. Tell us about your dental anxiety and dental fear. Developing an open line of communication with your dentist can relieve some of the stress you may feel. Your dentist can develop a treatment plan that helps solve your dental concerns, as well as make sure you feel comfortable when receiving your treatment.
  3. Bring a loved one along for your appointment. If you are comfortable around someone and consider them part of your support system, bring them along. If having someone you love with you helps relieve some of your dental anxiety, then make them a part of your dental visit.
  4. Ask about sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry helps patients receiving complex dental procedures remain relaxed and calm. Sedation dentistry can also be a valuable option for patients suffering from dental fear and anxiety. At Lee, Bonfiglio, Vesely & Associates of Annapolis, you can talk to one of our experienced dentists and see if sedation dentistry is right for you.
  5. Try to incorporate some breathing techniques. Breathing is a great way to natural lets your body relax. Try some deep breathing exercises before your get in the dentist chair.
  6. Listen to an audiobook or music. Listening to something during your treatment can help keep your relaxed and take your mind off of your dental fear and anxiety.

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