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When Do You Need an Emergency Dentist?

A dental emergency can easily cause fear and panic. However, not every situation calls for immediate treatment. Knowing how to tell the difference between a true emergency and a non-immediate threat could help improve your oral care. An emergency dentist in Annapolis, MD, could help treat dental conditions that require urgent attention. But some problems could be treated at home or at a later date. 

An Emergency Dentist in Annapolis MD could help treat many dental emergencies

How to Tell if You Need an Emergency Dentist in Annapolis, MD

Emergency dentists leave open spots in their schedule every day to help respond to immediate threats. By having these extra appointment times, they can often respond quickly to dental concerns. However, you may not need an appointment right away, depending on what’s wrong. You should still call your dentist to let them know about any problems but understand that you may not get a same-day appointment unless it’s a true emergency.

Severe Pain or Sensitivity

Generally speaking, pain and sensitivity is a sign of dental decay. Decay can take a while before it starts to spread, so your dentist may schedule you a few days out for an exam. However, if the pain is sharp or the sensitivity is severe, you may need to see your dentist right away. Intense pain and discomfort could be a sign of internal infection. If you have an infected pulp, a quick root canal appointment may be necessary to help preserve your tooth and alleviate symptoms.


Bleeding after flossing or brushing your teeth can be an early warning sign of gum disease. While it’s important to treat gum disease as soon as possible, it’s often not an immediate threat. However, bleeding in a specific area could indicate a different problem. If you notice your gums bleeding, first try gently flossing the area and rinsing your mouth out with warm water. Many times, bleeding gums can be caused by a piece of food stuck between your teeth. If the bleeding persists or worsens, contact your dentist right away.

Tooth Loss

Sudden tooth loss is almost always an immediate concern. The sooner you see a dentist and get treatment, the better. The longer you wait to restore a lost tooth, the more your oral health could suffer. Missing teeth can lead to an increased risk of decay, jaw disorder, and bone density loss. If you visit your dentist right away, you may be able to start the implant process and prevent further damage. 

If you have a dental emergency, a quick response is often best. If we can’t accommodate you in our schedule, we can refer you to a local specialist who may be able to help. Call us today at (410) 989-8298 to schedule your emergency dental appointment or learn more about our services.

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